Reasons To Avoid Probate

The California probate process can be much more lengthy and expensive than you would expect. Having a will does not avoid the time and expense associated with the process. What are your options?

A lawyer can discuss how a living trust allows you control during your lifetime and then becomes a way to pass property and assets to loved ones without requiring probate. I am attorney Rossana Mitchell, and since founding my firm, the Law Offices of Rossana Mitchell, I have helped Los Angeles metro area families with family-related legal issues from divorce to estate planning. Whether you are in Riverside County or the Inland Empire, I can assist you.

While a living trust is not the right tool in every situation, it provides a significant benefit if you own real property or investments.

How Is A Living Trust Funded?

Setting up any trust involves completing certain legal documents and making decisions about who should receive your property. But if a trust is not properly funded, it will not function in the intended manner.

An important step with a living trust is to transfer assets into the trust. The process differs based on the asset or piece of property. This needs to be taken into account whether downsizing to a small condo or purchasing a new car. If title is not handled properly, a probate might still be necessary.

Because each situation is unique, discuss your estate planning goals with me to decide whether a living trust might be right for you.

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