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During a divorce that involves children, one of the key elements that needs to be worked out is who will have primary custody of the children and how visitation will be arranged. Every parent is going to want to do everything he or she can to preserve the quality of his or her relationship with his or her children. The preservation of that relationship will require active advocacy on your part.

The court will be looking for reliable evidence to guide it toward a final decision that will serve the best interests of the children.

At the Law Offices of Rossana Mitchell, our Chino Hills child custody lawyer is dedicated to helping parents who are going through a divorce to achieve their child custody and visitation goals. With our years of experience, we understand what family court judges are looking for when they are trying to make the difficult decisions regarding children's issues.

Assertive Representation in Pursuit of Custodial Rights

Which parent was the primary caregiver prior to divorce? This is one question that plays a prominent part in determining who will receive primary custody of the children. It can be difficult to prove one parent as being better than the other. The court will look at the broadest possible picture of the children's lives to determine what will serve their best interests.

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