How Is Child Support Calculated In California?

Determining child support during a divorce can seem like an open-and-shut case. Child support is determined by a California guideline formula. The outcome is only as good as the numbers input into the formula.

I am divorce attorney Rossana Mitchell. At my Chino Hills firm, the Law Offices of Rossana Mitchell, I have extensive experience in uncovering the true picture of what the other party's income has been in even the most murky and financially complex situations. Let my experience help you secure the child support levels you will need as you work to establish a new household after your divorce.

What Is Income For Child Support Purposes?

The majority of the figures that are entered into the child support guidelines are indisputable. The one figure where there is often disagreement regards income.

For many people, all of their income may be clearly documented in their annual W-2 tax form. But, for a great many people, it may be difficult to quantify exactly what their income was during a particular year. Income from sources such as the following can create ambiguity:

  • Self-employment
  • Bonuses
  • Stock options

Some other figures that will impact a child support award include:

  • Health insurance premiums to cover children
  • Educational or day care costs
  • The number of prior children from other relationships

Child custody arrangements can also affect the formula. Let my firm fight on your behalf to obtain a fair amount of child support that provides for needs of the children.

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