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There are occasions where either you are asked or it becomes obvious that you need to take an active role in helping another person manage elements of their life. The person may be a child whose parents are not capable of providing for the child's basic needs, or who may be in jail or unavailable for some other reason. The person may be an adult who has become incapacitated due to the onset of dementia, the occurrence of some injury or some other form of incapacitating event.

Assuming the role of conservator or guardian to a person in need can be a fulfilling role. However, creating those legal rights and obligations requires an effective presentation of that person's need for someone to act in that capacity for them and your ability to adequately carry out that role.

At the Law Offices of Rossana Mitchell, our Chino Hills guardianship attorney brings a keen understanding of what must be done to create a conservatorship or guardianship. Our firm's experience can help you make a difference in the life of another who is in need.

Experienced Conservator and Guardian Representation

  • Conservatorship — If an adult is no longer able to manage their own affairs for reasons of diminished mental capacity or some other reason, the court can be asked to appoint you as a conservator. In that role, you will you will be able to manage that person's finances and make decisions for them to help protect their rights and interests.
  • Guardianship — If a child is without a parent who is available and competent to meet the child's needs, the court can be asked to appoint a guardian. A guardian has similar rights and obligations as a conservator.

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