How Do You Know If A Property Award Is Fair?

Ensuring that your goals for the property division component of your divorce are met can be paramount to your ability to successfully establish a new household. A successful division of property can provide you with the assets you will need to start the next chapter of your life on solid financial ground.

I am property division attorney Rossana Mitchell. At my Chino Hills firm, the Law Offices of Rossana Mitchell, I can help you secure a beneficial division of the marital estate in your divorce. My experience in dealing with discovery and the disclosure of assets can help ensure that when negotiations occur, they include the full scope of the marital estate.

An Exhaustive Investigation Of The Marital Estate

I am very skilled at uncovering all property and assets that should be considered as marital property during the divorce process. In addition, when necessary, I employ the assistance of outside experts, such as forensic accountants, to root out the real value of assets. I also use such experts to identify any income that may not have been previously reported.

Once the full scope of the marital estate has been identified, I will work to negotiate a division of assets that offers real benefits to you.

Protect Your Financial Future

At the Law Offices of Rossana Mitchell, my staff and I can help you maintain stable finances as you move forward from divorce. We are dedicated to understanding your goals and finding solutions that meet them.

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